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A new coat of paint can really bring your basement to life, giving the room definition, warmth and direction. If you’re looking to make your basement look amazing, you need to be aware of things to make it look it’s best.

Basement painting in Calgary can be quite complex, and it’s generally accepted that it’s best to entrust a professional with doing it right. It is also much easier since the professionals can manage the logistics, and bring expertise you may not have. What you do need to do is chose the colour, so below we’ll take a closer look at how to choose the right paint colors for your basement, and why calling a professional is the best choice.

Choosing Paint Color

Basements usually have few, if any, windows. The windows they do have are often small and high up, and bring in very little light. This means basements tend to be dark and look cold or unwelcome. The right paint color can counter this to make it warm and inviting. The best choices will be crisp colors that are either neutral or create a stark visual. Examples include: white, light/sky blue, stark reds, lavender, grey, cream, green, etc. You can combine shades of one color to create a dynamic look as well.

Why Call the Professionals

Basement painting in Calgary the right way the first time, the best choice is to always call the professionals. A team like Neighbourhood Painters use top-quality tools, know their paints in and out, and bring years of experience and skill to ensure the job is done right. An added benefit is that the professionals handling everything from preparing and covering furniture and flooring, filling cracks and holes, and a final inspection. Best of all you don’t have to worry about cleaning anything up at the end!

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