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Trim & Baseboard Painting

Baseboard Painting

Painting your baseboards is something you can do from home quite easily, but you need to ensure you avoid some common mistakes. We have some tips for you when it comes to making those baseboards as gorgeous as possible.


Painting Tips

Use a Sash Brush

Using an angled sash brush is much easier when painting baseboards. The shape of the head allows you to more deftly paint where you intend to. In addition to keeping paint on the baseboard and not too far off of your intended location, it also helps to get into the hard to reach places easier.

Paint Before Installation

If your baseboard is not currently installed, paint the baseboard (with primer first if not pre-primed) before installing. It will be much easier to paint when you have control over the board and can see all the angles. This is not required, but it will make things much easier.

Ensure the Area is Clean

Paintbrushes and wet paint can pick up dirt and debris in the area quite easily. Vacuuming and dusting all surfaces before you paint is key to not getting that grit trapped into your dried paint.

Thin Your Paints

You can make your paint easier to use and more even in its application by thinning it out. Using paint thinner in small amounts, and testing the paint for consistency can help get your paint to flow smoothly off your brush, and to avoid clumps in the finished work.

Use Painter’s Putty

Every baseboard has pits and scratches, character from years of being installed. When wanting a nice even coat of paint you’ll need to fill these imperfections in with your painter’s putty. Don’t forget to have some ready before you begin.

Use a Small, Manageable Drop Cloth

Some people may assume that using a single drop cloth to cover the entire area you’re painting would be the most efficient. This may result in unforeseen issues though, as a large drop cloth can end up pushed into the wet paint easier, causing imperfections in your coat. Several smaller drop cloths are easier to manage and keep in position, and keeps your paint looking great.

Window Painting Calgary Trim

There are many options when it comes to window trim, depending on the kind of material your trim is made of. The most common kinds of new trim are either MDF or wood trim. Window painting Calgary homes that were a bit older, usually the popular choice was golden oak wooden window trim. We determine if it’s best to spray or brush the trim based on customer preference and the nature of each project. With our experience and technique, we’re able to minimize brush marks to almost none with a paint that levels out beautifully.

Oakwood Windows Trim

If you want to take the classic golden oak trim in your home and bring a modern look to your home, then don’t worry. It will take multiple steps to do right, but with years of expertise with window painting Calgary homes, Neighbourhood Painters can make your golden oak trim look brand new! Check out the steps we take:

Step 1

Clean and wipe woodwork with a degreaser or an environmentally friendly cleaner.

Step 2

Sand the trim with 120 grit premium sandpaper. Sand off old paint so the new paint can adhere. Sand bare wood to remove raised grain, level off wood filler, and ease over sharp edges.

Professional Tip!

Hold the sandpaper so that it will get into all corners and areas where the wood grain is more raised. Change your sandpaper if you feel it has lost its efficiency.

Step 3

For profiled moldings use a soft sanding block or sanding sponge so that it conforms to the shape of the molding. Take care not to let the sandpaper scratch the glass!

Once finished, dust the trim with a worn brush or a shop vacuum, and wipe it clean with a tack cloth.

Step 4

Using an oil-based shellac primer, we avoid any bleeding through the final coat. If you use the wrong primer you can end up with yellow spots on your trim, predominantly near the grain. The primer should dry overnight, and then sand lightly with 220-grit sandpaper. And clean up the trim again with a cloth or vacuum.

Step 5

Caulk the joints and gaps with a high-quality caulking, one that won’t crack overtime, with a dripless caulking gun and wipe smooth afterwards (we use the wet sponge technique).

Step 6

Finally paint the golden oak trim to make them look new.

Fixing Your Windows Trim That are Peeling & Blistering

If your trim is peeling or the paint is blistering that may mean you have a problem with the window itself. These issues are caused by condensation inside your window dripping onto the paint on the trim, commonly because of an issue with the window in question. To find the exact cause we recommend having your windows checked by a professional, before any restoration takes place. Any improvements will only be temporary if the window will cause issues with the new paint. Neighbourhood Painters is extremely careful when window painting Calgary homes, delicately masking the glass to avoid scratches. We scrape any loose paint, sand it with an 80 grit sandpaper, and progressing to 180/220 grit. We prime any bare wood with an appropriate primer and apply caulking to seal any joints or gaps that may let air or moisture in. We finish by painting 2 coats of premium trim paint.

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