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EXTERIOR PAINTING CALGARY | At Neighbourhood Painters, we pride ourselves in providing both residential and Calgary commercial painting services. With spring upcoming, more and more Calgarians are looking to get their exterior painting completed. Our crew of expert exterior painters in Calgary understand how important it is for the exterior of your home to look pristine. Below are our practices for exterior painting in Calgary.


1) Prepping your Home

Before we begin our exterior painting jobs in Calgary, we ask homeowners to move any articles away from their home and make sure all the windows are closed so we can begin the first step which is pressure washing. Our exterior painters will cover light fixtures, windows, and doorways/other sources of entry. We will not remove any light fixtures when working on exterior painting.

If there are any plants or bushes along the home, it is recommended that they be covered, trimmed, or moved away as to not get paint on the plants/bushes and damage them. Our crews will also remove downspouts from homes for the homeowners.

Once everything is covered and protected, our Calgary painters will get to the work of sanding, caulking, and filling (if exterior is built with wood). If the exterior is stucco or vinyl, this will not be necessary.


2) Exterior Painting

Now that your exteriors are prepped, it is time for the exterior painting to commence. The next step in the exteriors painting Calgary process is spot prime any bare wood areas on the exterior of your home. Our expert Calgary painters prefer to use primers and paint from Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore.

Once the home has been primed, it is now time to begin painting the exteriors. Our crew uses the method of spray painting. Depending on the type of surface, we will use a back roll technique after spraying. Per example on stucco, it is best to use that technique to work the paint in the stucco and it provide an even finish coat.

Our painters will paint the exterior of the home with two coats of paint for a pristine finish.

Once the siding or stucco of the exterior have been painted, our Calgary painters will begin to paint the trim and doors of your home. The preparation will remain the same (sand, caulk, seal spot prime and two coats of paint).


3) Clean Up

Our painters will clean up all garbage and paint chips made from prepping the exterior surfaces. Downspouts and other articles will go back as they were found.

Typically, depending on weather, drying of each coat can take up to 2 hours each. We recommend having exterior painting in Calgary completed on a warm, sunny day to ensure the best possible results, but it is not recommended to paint in direct sun. That is why our crew of painters are following the sun and try to work in mostly shaded area.


You are now ready for your next exterior painting Calgary project! Call Neighbourhood Painters for your next commercial or residential exterior painting job – we offer free painting quotes.


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