CALGARY CABINET PAINTING | A Beginner’s Guide to Cabinet Painting

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CALGARY CABINET PAINTING | Each year, Neighbourhood Painters provides Calgary cabinet painting services to people all over the city and greater Calgary area. We get many frequently asked questions about cabinet painting, but the most commonly asked question is: “What is your cabinet painting process?”. Below is a step by step guide on how to successfully and efficiently complete a Calgary cabinet painting project.


CALGARY CABINET PAINTING | STEP 1: Prepping the Cabinets

 The first step in Calgary cabinet painting requires for the homeowner to remove all items in cabinets and drawers and store them in a location away from the kitchen. This is helpful for both the homeowners and our Calgary painters because it allows for the painters to paint efficiently without having your belongings in the way, and beneficial for the clients so no paint gets on their items.

Our team of expert Calgary painters will also remove all doors and drawers from cabinets and send them to our shop to be lacquered. This also allows for us to remove any door hinges, knobs, or other hardware that may be at risk of getting paint on them. We then label all of the items that were removed from cabinets to make sure they go back exactly as they were found.



The next step to painting your Calgary cabinets is ensuring the room is properly covered so no paint gets on any other furniture or items. Our Calgary painters will cover the floors, counters, and walls with plastic and sealed properly before painting begins.

Our team also builds barriers to close off the kitchen so there’s no dust or paint that can potentially get into other rooms of your home.

Once the room has been properly sealed and protected, we begin sanding and degreasing the cabinets. This allows for us to have a fresh and even layer to paint on. Now we’re ready to paint!



 This is the fun part! Calgary cabinet painting is usually done by spray painting the cabinets. We recommend using Benjamin Moore’s Scuff X paint because of it’s smooth, elegant finish, and this paint provides superior scuff resistance.

We always apply one coat of primer and two coats of paint for a smooth finish. Once the project is complete, our Calgary painters vacuum all dust remnants in the room, reinstall all drawers and doors that have been removed prior to being lacquered, and clean any other debris.

The paints we use on-site are water based, which means your kitchen won’t have a strong paint smell once the project is complete. Typically, our Calgary cabinet painting jobs take 2 to 3 days to complete.

Now you’re ready for your next cabinet painting project! Neighbourhood Painters offers a 2 year warranty for all Calgary cabinet painting projects too. Call us today to receive a free quote!

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