Calgary Commercial Painting | Tips and Practices for Painting Office Spaces

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At Neighbourhood Painters, we pride ourselves in providing both residential and Calgary commercial painting services. We want your professional space to look as clean as possible. Below is some tips and practices to consider when beginning a Calgary commercial painting or Calgary office painting project.


Many companies will use the terms commercial and industrial painting interchangeably. However, Calgary commercial painting involves painting office buildings, apartments, manufacturing facilities, schools, and hospitals. Calgary commercial painting contractors focus on projects of various sizes.

An industrial painter is one who specializes in painting industrial, automotive, and manufacturing industries. Industrial painting can also refer to any type of painting that is done on types of machinery such as automobiles, boats, or aircraft, or on structures such as bridges.


To begin your Calgary commercial painting project in your office space, first ensure that you have the proper painting products that will be long lasting and have a beautiful finish. Our team of expert Calgary painters recommend Scuff X from Benjamin Moore because of its’ durability and it is washable. This paint is ideal for high traffic areas.

Once we have the proper paint, our crews get to the work of preparing your office space. This includes protecting all furniture with plastic, removing light switch and plug in covers, masking, baseboards, sanding of the walls and patching holes, dents, or scratches. Next, the crew spot primes all repairs for even coverage. The Calgary commercial painting job is completed once we have applied 2 coats of paint using a brush for cutting the edges and using a roller to roll the walls.

Typically, Calgary commercial painting projects in spaces such as an office can take approximately 5 days to complete, however sometimes it can take up to 10 days.


Now you’re ready for your next Calgary commercial painting project! Call Neighbourhood Painters for your next residential or commercial painting job – we offer free quotes.

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