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It’s officially spring and that means spring cleaning. Cleaning out the garage, putting your winter gear away, and also time for a new coat of paint on your home! Calgary painters understand that painting your home the style you want is important, but what is also important is understanding how to apply that paint. Neighbourhood Painters is one of the best Calgary painting companies because we understand how to apply your paint to your home and make sure it lasts. Over the course of our combined 18-year professional painting career, our Calgary painters have picked up some tips and tricks for painting residential homes. Here are the three best techniques when painting your home:


Brush and Roller

 Calgary painters prefer brush and roll when painting walls. Make sure before our crew comes over that you remove all art and decorations from the walls. (TIP: leave a nail in the wall where you would like your art or decorations to be so we don’t fill in the holes before painting!). Sometime we will paint ceiling by brush and roller application if the ceiling is not textured.



 Typically spray painting is done on the exterior/siding of the home, but Calgary painters also provide spray painting trim, depending on if the home is vacant, to give a nice even coat to the trim of your home. We also provide spray painting for kitchen cabinets, built-in and ceilings.


Trim Brush

This is for all the trim on the exterior and siding of your home. Our Calgary painters makes sure that we don’t miss any details, no matter how small! We also paint trim by brush on interior paint job when the home is occupied and furnished.


These three painting techniques will surely help your home stand out in your neighbourhood! Be sure to call Neighbourhood Painters today to receive a free quote. We have been Calgary painters since 2003 and provide interior, exterior and commercial painting. To learn more about us, visit our website: and check out our services and gallery!

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