Commercial Painting

Commercial Painting

We have a lot of experience in commercial painting, we have done offices, hotels, restaurants, condominiums and stores etc. We have all the equipment including; spray machines, electric sanders, scaffolds etc. to accomplish any size of jobs.


It’s our top priority. The amount of preparation we put into all our projects is key. It reflects on our best results. We have successfully completed a lot of commercial top quality paint jobs. We continue to do painting maintenance for multiple properties. Going through us, your paint job will last for many years.


It’s what defines us with our crew always on time without exception. You can count on us, we are here to answer all your questions. We always answer your call to your painting needs and follow up with our clients from the quotation of the job to completion of the project.


We offer A 2 year warranty on labor work and materials. Any touch ups after the job are free. We are a fully insured & licensed business with WCB (Worker Compensation Board’s)

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